Pastel Painting

70cm x 50cm
(28″ x 20″)



First in Show / First in Medium – Open Division – Woodford Art Prize 

Two images combine to make this representation of Mother nature. In the image, ‘Mother’ is manipulating the animals to an unfortunate but necessary conclusion. Her body is completely made from the existing background. Her left hand controls the predator as she calmly guides it to the selected meal. Her right hand has selected the juvenile giraffe. The image represents nature and the harshness and sacrifice required for its very survival.

This painting is one of the series of ‘Petes Art’ paintings that are representative of my desire to describe and translate individual elements of my images. To represent a character using colour to express unseen things like attitude or emotion or use multiple objects to form another linking the entire image to a single story. The extra and most important dimension in art – the imagination.