Oil on Canvas

76cm x 102cm
(30″ x 40″)


The last stand of Australian outlaw bushranger Ned Kelly. Born to Irish parents in Beveridge, Victoria in December 1854 he was forged by the corruption of the colonial police powers in the newly declared British colony of Van Diemens Land. 

Declared an ‘Outlaw’ by the then government meaning he was longer protected under the law, it was therefore legal for anyone to persecute or kill him. His bushranging career came to an end at an Inn in Glenrowan, Victoria in June 1880 where he and his gang were surrounded by officers of the law and forced a final shootout. He was captured and sentenced to death by hanging. Said to be his final words, Such is Life has become an acclaimed and lauded saying throughout the land and a symbol of rebellion. His story has become legend and he is considered a folk hero. Ned Kelly was hanged in the Old Melbourne Gaol on the 11th November 1880. He was 25 years old.

My painting depicts the character in a brazen and challenging pose, taking the fight to his opponents. Complete defiance towards a stronger enemy in an act of rebellion, belligerence and contempt of that authority. The flash of gun flare is only real source of light and illuminates his helmet, armour and guns every time he fires. His silhouette flashing with intense glimpses of a serous murderer, a menacing and threatening adversary to his enemies. 


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