Wind Song

Pastel Paintings

50cm x 70cm
(20″ x 28″)


The irresistible sound of the siren song calls to the sailor’s and brings them into peril. The painting shows the galleon heading to disaster lead by a beautiful Mermaid.

Her image, like her song is in the eyes of the beholder from her face in the sun to her tail half in the rock and sea. Beautiful, yet dangerous. She is made from the sea, the land and the sky and still only exists in the imagination, but powerful and dangerous to all who believe.

This painting is one of the series of ‘Pete’s Art’ paintings that are representative of my desire to describe and translate individual elements of my images. To represent a character using colour to express unseen things like attitude or emotion or use multiple objects to form another linking the entire image to a single story. The extra and most important dimension in art – the imagination. 


Canvas Art Print

High Resolution Art Reproductions on Canvas.

 Archival quality digital canvas reproductions printed by the artist in his studio. Available in multiple sizes and freight options. 

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