Flaming Panther

Pastel Painting

50cm x 70cm
(20″ x 28″)


I originally drew this one for stickers. This sleek predator elicits an eerie feeling – the feeling of being the victim. 

The fire is symbolic of the intensity of the animals power and to introduce a symbol of the danger the animal to the receiver of its glare. Known in the Americas as a jaguar and in Asia and Africa as a leopard, the panthers colouring is a rare variant in the melanin content in these animal species.

They are a rare version of a dangerous animal and for that reason have been popular in mythologies and religious rights and rituals throughout time.  The black panther has its own fan club. Of the many animals I have drawn, this cat is regarded with respect and admiration. Its image has been used to symbolise a unique and powerful character, group or club and in print and film applications time and time again. 


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