Elemental Mick

Oil on Canvas

102cm x 76cm
(40″ x 30″)

Currently entered into:
The Australian Artist Awards 2024 

A personal hero of mine, Mick Doohan the Australian motorcycle champion at fill tilt. The second painting from my ‘Elemental’ series. This one displays the rider and the control he has over this machine.

 The relationship goes way passed basic survival and into that space where the challenge becomes the achievement. I watched every race Mick was in during his career and marveled at the control he had over a machine designed to surpass his actual physical abilities. They were two separate elements that combined brilliantly to complete a single entity.

This series of ‘Elementals’ use the relationship between fire and water to express and represent the opposing forces in objects and people that create their individual stories. This bond of opposites combine and extract the energy required to fulfill a separate and unique outcome that is divinely human. In the paintings, the bond between human and object are represented by the elements to replicate the skills needed to control these individual forces to achieve the combined outcome. Each can destroy the other, but when they are competently united, they form a new and brilliant entity at the cutting edge of human achievement. These natural reactions and the discipline’s required to shape them are everywhere, not just fire and water and are the basis of human life.


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