Graphic Butterfly Stickers

A stylised graphic design with a butterfly centre. Complimenting whatever it’s placed on with beautiful colour and form. The graphic butterfly stickers pack comes complete with multiple individual butterflies so you can create a beautiful scene.


Available Sizes

Available in four sizes and five colours.

Small – Seven stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 13.5cm x 18.5cm (5.3″x7.3″)
Graphic Image – 18cm x 4.5cm (7.1″x1.7″)
Butterflies – Six between 6cm and 7cm (2.4”&2.8”)

Medium – Nine stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 19.5cm x 29cm (7.7″x11.4″)
Graphic Image – 30cm x 7.5cm (11.8″x2.9″)
Butterflies – Eight between 8cm and 12cm (3.1”&4.7”)

Large – Thirteen stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 61cm x 27cm (24″x10.6″)
Graphic Image – 60cm x 14.5cm (23.6″x5.7″)
Butterflies – Twelve between 10cm and 15cm

Extra Large – Nineteen stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 81cm x 44cm (31.9″x11.4″)
Graphic Image – 80cm x 19.5cm (31.5″x7.6″)
Butterflies – Eighteen between 13.5cm and 20cm (5.2”&7.9”)

Custom sizes are available. For further information, please contact us

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