Flaming Skull Stickers – Twin Pack

Get ready for Halloween? Check out our scary skull head on fire. The flaming skull  is often related to danger and the skull widely regarded as the symbol of death.


Available Sizes

Available in three sizes as a twin pack with two opposing images

Small – Pack Size – 13.5cm x 18.5cm (5.3″x7.3″)
Skulls – Two 16cm x 8cm (6.3″x3.2″)

Medium – Pack Size – 19.5cm x 29cm (7.7″x11.4″)
Skulls – Two 26cm x 13cm (10.2″x5.2″)

Large – Pack Size – 46cm x 34cm (18.1″x13.4″)
Skulls – Two 45cm x 24.5cm (17.7″x6.6″)

Custom sizes are available. For further information, please contact us

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