Band-Aid Stickers

Car Band Aid stickers hide that little boo boo by covering that minor damage into a fun excuse for not getting it fixed.


Available Sizes

Available in two sizes and three styles

Small – Four stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 13.5cm x 18.5cm (5.3″x7.3″)
Large Band-Aids – Two 17cm x 4cm (6.7″x1.6″)
Small Band-Aids – Two 9cm x 2cm (3.5″x.8″)

Large – Six stickers per pack.
Pack Size – 19.5cm x 29cm (7.7″x11.4″)
Large Band-Aids – Two 25cm x 6cm (9.8″x2.3″)
Small Band-Aids – Four 13cm x 3cm (5.1″x1.2″)

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