JAS Stickers

JAS Stickers are out trademark owned range of UV resistant, waterproof vinyl stickers. Printed using polymeric grade vinyl and a solvent ink digital printing system, they are highly resistant to UV exposure and completely unaffected by water, car washes, dishwashers, sea water, hard or turbulent weather or strong wind. Due to our quality base materials, our stickers are known for their longevity. They are scratch and ultra-violet resistant, tough and durable. As they are completely waterproof are designed for almost any indoor or outdoor application including cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, bicycles, aircraft, boats, laptops and computers, plastic bottles, toys, cups, pots and toolboxes. General applications from windows and glass, plastic, metal, painted surfaces, walls, bathroom tiles, in fact virtually any clean smooth surface you would like to personalise with your individual style.